Monday 4 May 2015

Honesty, and I don't mean the flower

I listened to Radio 4's Today programme again this morning and heard John Humphrys' interview with Ed Miliband. John mentioned the word "Trust", more than once, and Mr Miliband seemed to skirt around the word, and the questions, and I don't know whether it was me in my state of semi somnabulance on a Bank Holiday Monday morning but I thought that nothing was said, nothing about the true convictions of the Labour Party and nothing about the benefits of voting for a Labour member of parliament. There seemed very little conviction of purpose and a lot of avoiding answering questions. So in my opinion nothing was said that would convince the electorate to trust. Now, I am not singling out Mr Miliband as an untrustworthy or dishonest politician, I am using the interview as an example of the way that politics is being conducted at the moment, politicians seem to expect not to state their honest views, they are not laying down moral principles, they are cajoling and wooing voters with murmurs of sweet nothings, with the exceptions of SNP and Plaid Cymru with their nationalist objectives. I just think that it is time to be honest, and stand up for your deep felt beliefs. Here is a definition of the word:

honest  (ˈɒnɪst)
1. not given to lying, cheating, stealing, etc; trustworthy
2. not false or misleading; genuine
3. just or fair: honest wages.
4. characterized by sincerity and candour: an honest appraisal.
5. without pretensions or artificial traits: honest farmers.

Being honest is what I am, I find it hard to be any other way, and this is where I think the Green Party wins. We are not afraid to say that we need to increase fuel duty, we are not afraid to say that we must raise taxes, we are not afraid to tell the truth about about the world and to encourage exclusivity and equality and kindness. some of the electorate may not agree with the policies, but at least all of the electorate can trust us.

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  1. I heard Leanne Wood being interviewed on the radio this afternoon, and she answered the questions directly, with passion and belief. That is the way that all Politicians should act.